Wedding Preparations

Creating Lasting Memories

 Congratulations on your engagement and I hope

you both enjoy planning your wedding day.




What happens next?

After our initial contact by phone or email, we can plan to meet, with no obligation at either my home or an agreed place, such as a cafe. Over a coffee you can decide if I'm the right celebrant for you.


I'll provide a information pack, which includes relevant 

documentation that is needed which is;

'The Notice of Intention to Marry' (NOIM) and 'Declaration of No Legal Inpediment' and and examples of some vows, rituals and customs, poems and readings that you may find helpful for inspiration.


The NOIM needs to be completed and signed either in my presence or by a JP and received by the Celebrant no less than 1 month before and no more than 18 months of the ceremony. You will need to provide relevant ID and documentation which I will discuss with you prior to our meeting. 

Together we can plan your wedding day to be all that you have dreamed of and more. I will endeavour to capture you personalities, love and commitment to each other by telling your love story. There are  certain words that I legally need to include in the ceremony, (Monitum, and legal vows) according to the Marriage Act 1961. You can add your own vows. after the official vows, if you want.

The ceremony consists of these components;

The Processional, Welcoming, Introduction, Monitum (compulsary legal part of the ceremony), The asking (this is were you can say 'I do") Legal Vows, additional personal vows, The Pronouncing, (this is where you kiss, woot woo), Signing the Marriage Register, Conclusion, Presentation. Recessional. 

Well done, time to relax and celebrate.

After I have written the script, I will send a draft to you for editing and your approval.


     Things to consider - where, when, how?

  • What kind of ceremony do you both want? e.g Traditional, formal, intimate, casual, themed, or just the nuptials (The couple and 2 witnesses over the age of 18 years old and the celebrant).

  • Location, if the ceremony is to be outdoors, you will need to consider a Plan B in case of inclement weather.

  • How will you like to start the ceremony? Walking down the aisle alone or accompanied, if so by whom? 

  • Do you want to include any customs or rituals? There are a lot of rituals that can be included in the ceremony, for e.g: sand ceremony, warming of the rings, and many more that I can provide to you for inspiration.

  • Will there be a reading, poem or hymn that a friend or family member may like to read?

  • Do you wish to have a rehearsal? It is a good idea to do so, it helps the couple and bridal party to know what their part entails, this will help ease wedding day nerves.

  • Music - recorded or live music. (music for prior to the Bride/Groom arrives, for the Processional, the signing of the Register, and for the Recessional.


    What I provide

  • Meetings, as many as you wish

  • A script of the ceremony

  • Signing table and two chairs

  • P.A. system

  • Candle/s for signing table if required.

  • 1 rehearsal, (additional rehearsals, If needed at additional cost))

  • Preparation and lodgment of official documentation to The Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages. 

  • A momento of your Marriage Certificate for you to keep (you will need to apply for your Office Marriage Certificate from BDM, after the Marriage has been solemnised).